"The biggest rookie mistake I made was thinking that I needed to stay corporate for at least a decade to be able to have a real impact on this industry. I really, truly believed that I had no voice, and thought, “why would anyone listen to me?”
33 Magazine
"I think that young designers want to see that brands are run by real people. And hopefully those people have every intention to leave them with a more positive, and uplifting industry, that they feel proud to join, and proud to uphold."
"I actually always told myself in college that I never wanted my own brand; it never appealed to me in the traditional sense."


"Meet BOBBLEHAUS: a New York-Designed, Shanghai-based streetwear brand that’s fresh on the scene with the mission of bringing elevated, genderless fashion to communities around the world."
"From multicultural to multi-sensory, BOBBLEHAUS ’s mission is to build the community the founder’s craved for at a younger age and still crave now."
Fucking Young
"Through a combination of our heritage with suiting and streetwear, menswear and womenswear, Bobblehaus encourages the world to see the beauty in its opposites, creating a space for unity."
Spring Place
"Launching with three categories of product offering, BOBBLEHAUS is an extension of the genderless offering that we so commonly see fluidly throughout women and mens offering now a day."
"BOBBLEHAUS is a new genderless brand, dedicated to elevated streetwear, includ[ing] nylon camp collar shirts, trucker jackets, recycled cotton crewneck sweaters, and much more."
"Bobblehaus is designed in NYC and produced through an environmentally responsible, GRS-certified process in Shanghai. With each purchase, Bobblehaus donates enough to One Tree Planted for the planting of 10 trees."
Cool Hunting
"Not to mention their “tasty” color palette…they even picked out special names for the colors, such as “Watermelon pink,” “Orchid purple,” and “Green Tea.”
"People are attracted to great design, regardless of the gender it’s categorized under and who should tell others how they wear it."
"BOBBLEHAUS 从上海和纽约两座国际大都市中汲取灵感,推出了全新的 2020 春夏无性别服装系列,希望将东西方青年文化连接,分别以「Classified Absurdity」,「Soft Masculinity」,和 「Your New Comfort」为主题..."