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ELAINE: Welcome to Obsessed by Bobblehaus. I'm Elaine– 

JANA: And I'm Jana. And we are your hosts of this podcast.

ELAINE: In each episode, we'll talk about things in pop culture and media that we're obsessed with.

JANA: We’ll unpack our feelings about the good, the bad, and why they matter. 

ELAINE: Our topic today is reality television. Do you watch a lot of reality TV? 

JANA: Honestly, I feel like I got a lot more into it during the pandemic because it lets me shut my brain off in a way that feels so good. 

ELAINE: Yes, I totally feel that way. I don't want to think about things.

JANA: Yeah.

ELAINE: I watch reality television so that I can feel better about myself. Sometimes I'm like, oh, my God, these people going through, like, bad stuff. 

JANA: Yeah, well, see, I feel the opposite, where I'm like, this is so far removed from my life and, like, what I think about in my day to day. 

ELAINE: So what types do you watch? 

JANA: Honestly, I love competition shows. I love RuPaul's Drag Race. I have watched many a season of America's next top model. What else do I love? I've loved so many, like, pop star making shows. The search for the next Pussycat Doll was deeply informative to me, I think. ELAINE: Yes! I think… okay, so reflecting back on America's Next Top Model… that show was insane. Like, the stuff that they made, the models do were crazy. One was in a dumpster or like some sort of landfill. And then the other one was this girl had to do, like, blackface. 

JANA: Yes!

ELAINE: Do you remember that? 

JANA: I remember that where Tyra was like, we're going to do an interracial shoot or something like that. 

ELAINE: I was like, Tyra is off her wheels. She's kind of cray-cray. 

JANA: Side note about Tyra, have you seen her “What I eat in a day?” 

ELAINE: (nods) She's like, cream cheese on my bagel.

JANA: What is it that she's like (gestures)  I take the bagel, I hollow out the inside. I put it in the microwave. Too much. My friend Amanda and I are so obsessed with that video. We talk about it all the time. Our favorite part of it is when she's like, I have actually gained fifteen pounds. But you can't tell because I'm wearing a men's blazer and her eyes are like, (cocks head to the side) men's blazer. Her delivery. Everything is shocking and I love it. That video is so near and dear to my heart. 

ELAINE: And her neck is a little bit, like, fall off her head.

JANA: Yes, her eyes. 

ELAINE: Tyra, she's smizing. She's always smizing. 

JANA: She stays smiling. 

ELAINE: Okay. Anyway, I don't know about Tyra, but we're going to segue because Tyra, I was really invested in all these girls lives of these random girls from Illinois or like, Kentucky, and they're trying to make it big. So we're going to figure out today, why are we so invested in the random lives of people that we don't actually relate to? 

JANA: Right. That is so true. 

ELAINE: Honestly, though, I feel like it does mirror reality in a few ways. So when I first watch it, I'm like–

JANA: – just reality TV in general?

ELAINE: Yes. When I first watched, I'm like, bit cringe, bit gross, skeptical. But then I get really into it, and then these will grow on me. I'm like, oh, my God, if Amanda doesn't get this top photo of the week, she's going to get out. 

JANA: She deserves it. She should be the first one called. I do feel like in reality TV, people come in so hot. They start out being like, I have to make a huge impression. And then by the end of the show, they're kind of acting like themselves, like, more like a normal person. That's how I feel. 

ELAINE: It’s kind of like a protective layer. 

JANA: Yeah. 

ELAINE: Or like they want the producers to keep them on the show because they're like shipsters for the screen time. I get it. So this was what it was like for me. I don't know if you've seen it. Singles Inferno. 

JANA: Oh, yes. 

ELAINE: All the guys were kind of, like, crazy in the beginning. I didn't really like them. So if you don't know, the premise of the show is that there's nine single people on a deserted island near Seoul, and the only way they can escape is by forming couples through a voting process. They create, like, this desert hell, and the couples get to go to five star luxury resorts. And at first glance, like, we talked about the shell, the protective shell that they have assumed that they would be vapid and shallow. Okay. Some of them were still shallow at the end, but most of them turned out to be genuine and cute and funny. 

JANA: Yeah. I will say also, I think the island looked a lot more appealing to me than the hotels. Like the hotel. Yeah, the hotels are like just a hotel. And then the island, they always have these gorgeous sunsets. They're cooking in, like, an outdoor kitchen al ltogether, getting to know each other like that looks so fun to me. 

ELAINE: Oh, okay. I remember now that you talk about it–  why people wanted to go to the hotel. Because you can't ask about age, profession or anything in the desert island. 

JANA: I forgot about that. Okay, so you get to actually find out what you want to know about them. Yes. So you get to ask questions and you get to have alone time. 

JANA: Yes. 

ELAINE: Obviously, they weren't afraid to just use boobies and booties as a marketing ploy and lots of awkward ab shots just randomly, like people splashing water on other people's abs. 

JANA: Yes. I got to say, I think it's refreshing to see men objectified every once in a while. ELAINE: Especially Asian men. 

JANA: Yeah, 100%. They're hot. They've been working on these bodies for this show. Yeah. I want to see a close up. 

ELAINE: They all are so fit. I don't know how. Well, I guess because they have a lot of pressure to go on the show, they're like, we have to get fit. 

JANA: Yes. I love that. Obsessed. Yeah. But speaking of Asian obsessed with objectifying, straight men every now and then. Every now and then. I think it's nice. I think I can have a little objectification as a treat. 

ELAINE: I think it should be balanced. 

JANA: Right. 

ELAINE: If we're objectifying the woman on the show… 

JANA: But we have so much to catch up on because women have been objectified for so long.

ELAINE: The men have to catch up, or we have to catch up with men. In terms of objectification…

JANA:  I think we need a year of reality TV in which only the men are objectified and the women are not,, and then I think we'll be on the path to evening the playing field. 

ELAINE: To the path of equality and equity. 

JANA: Yes. Feminism. 

ELAINE: Feminism. Yeah. Speaking of feminism, the show still upheld a lot of traditional Asian values and heteronormative conceptions of love and dating. 

JANA: Right. 

ELAINE: But the funniest thing is, I have to say, is that, okay, so each of the guys on the show got to pair up with Ji-a once. 

JANA: Ji-a! I love Ji-a. We love Ji-a. We stan Ji-a. 

ELAINE: All the hate that she got was not deserved. 

JANA: Honestly, how would we explain to someone who hasn't seen the show? How would you explain Ji-a? 

ELAINE: She's a contestant on the show, if that's not clear. Okay. She looks a bit like Jenny, honestly, from BlackPink. She gives me rich girl vibes. 


ELAINE: Not snobby, just a little icy. 

JANA: She intimidates people because she's so beautiful and composed. But then once they actually start talking to her, she's super sweet…

ELAINE: and she's really cute. 

JANA: So I really loved her. 

ELAINE: Every time she asked a guy like, oh, why did you pick me? She comes to the hotel with you. They literally have nothing to say. Nada, can you give me something? Do you look into their eyes and be like, tell me why you like me? And they're like, ha ha. Thought you were cute. Lol. Okay, give us something.

JANA: I have to say that my favorite thing about Ji-a is that she always had a purse on the island. Like, they're literally walking from the beach to the kitchen, and she would have a little fuzzy, pink Prada bag, and I admire that so much. Like, what is in there? I am dying to know. 

ELAINE: All her outfits are coordinated. 

JANA: Yes. So good. 

ELAINE: And she knows how to work men. She knows. 

JANA: She's so powerful. I think one of the commentators was like, it's her eye contact. Like, she makes such great eye contact, and she's coy, but she's forward at the same time, which is such a good combo. In the beginning, I was like, this girl is just trying to play everyone, right? ELAINE: But then I was like, no, everybody's into her. Right? 

JANA: Yeah. It's not her fault. 

ELAINE: Yeah. It's Ji-a's world, and we're all living in it. 

JANA: Right. I'm happy to live in Ji-a's world. Thing Ji-a, we love you. So glad you're back on Instagram. 

ELAINE: So I got to know these people the more invested I got, obviously. Another instance with Ji-a was when she was going on a date with another guy and this other guy called Si-hun. Please correct me if I'm saying it wrong. The person who can do that… but listeners, please correct me if I'm saying it wrong. This guy who liked her started following around during her date with another guy and to the point where she would call these men her puppies. 

JANA: Oh, my God. 

ELAINE: Come on, puppy. 

JANA: The guy that she speaks to the end where she's like, let's go, puppy. I loved that so much. 

ELAINE: Yes. I was like, these men really are just they down bad for her. 

JANA: Yeah.

ELAINE:  Literally, they're down so bad. I've never seen it like this.

JANA:  I don't know if I've ever seen a woman on a reality TV show have that much power over men. 

ELAINE: To the point where she's calling them puppy, and they're like, ha ha. 

JANA: I get it. Yeah. 

ELAINE: There were so many moments in Singles Inferno where I had to do my three screen method. So it’s me watching on Netflix, on Instagram, also on every subreddit to see what is going on. What do people think? 

JANA: Right.

ELAINE:  Because I need to know what the people think about these crazy shenanigans that goes on in the show. Like, that one guy who kept asking the other girl out, like, 10 million times, and she kept saying, no. 

JANA: Yes.

ELAINE: And then the girls are so not into it. But then they got together at the end anyway. JANA: Right? What is the moral of that story? Like, be persistent to some… 

ELAINE: Girls are tired.

JANA:  Yeah, exactly. Be persistent. The girl will get tired. 

ELAINE: It's so bad. The girl is literally in the tent. He's trying to have a conversation with her, and she keeps going, oh, my God, I'm so tired. I'm so sleepy. I'm so tired. The guy does not get the hint. 

JANA: That's not even a hint. That's literally like a direct… 

ELAINE: Please leave me alone. Yes. I'm tired of you. 

JANA: It's past a hint at that point. Yeah. 

ELAINE: Yeah. I prefer watching Asian reality television shows. For some reason, I feel like I feel more closely related to them. 

JANA: Okay.

ELAINE:  I only watch Love Is Blind  Japan and not like the US or Brazil versions. What about you? Have you seen them? 

JANA: Okay. Love Is Blind is the show I'm going to talk about today, actually. I've only seen the US version, and so I definitely want to know if there's any big differences between the Japan and US version. So I am obsessed with Love Is Blind. Love Is Blind is so unhinged.  I'm obsessed with it. I'm going to mostly talk about season two because that's kind of fresher in my mind. It came out earlier this year…  so for anyone who hasn't seen it, I can explain kind of the general structure. So the show starts with 15 men, 15 women, and for ten full… oh my God. My siri thinks I'm talking to her… for ten full days. They get to know each other and they date within these pods, which are basically just these separate rooms where they can talk to each other, but they can't see each other, and they can choose to propose whenever they want to. And they can only meet face to face after they've agreed to marry each other. So the stakes are so high. 

ELAINE: So crazy. 

JANA: A really specific type of unhinged person goes on the show. And I have joked before that I think I would crush on Love is Blind. 

ELAINE: I think you would make all the men fall for you and then you'll be like, wait, you're all men? Like, I was here for the ladies. 

JANA: Yeah. 

ELAINE: Would you do ladies and men? 

JANA: I think I would go on Love is Blind if it was bi or at least a little gay. I wouldn't go on straight. There's no fucking way. No. 

ELAINE: So Love Is Blind Japan, the men, some of them are so stuck in the freaking 1960s. JANA: Okay, okay. 

ELAINE:  So for example, there was a guy who was a dermatologist, and he liked this girl who's a full time architect. Okay, so badass woman. Okay. Right? Yeah. And then he was like asking her, like, oh, I thought you were going to cook me dinner every night and clean the house. And she was like, I have a full time job. She can't just cater…

JANA: … drop everything to be a professional wife. They call it an experiment a lot. And the point is to see if you can fall in love with someone's personality and then will that relationship be viable in the outside world based off of the connection you made there before you even could see each other. 

ELAINE: Yeah. 

JANA: There's this one guy who is just a piece of work. In season two, he goes by Shake, his nickname. 

ELAINE: And so yeah, the point is, like, you're getting to know each other's personalities. Like it's supposed to be not shallow. So it's basically the opposite of Tinder where you don't go off looks. Right? 

JANA: It's like personality first, then looks.

ELAINE: Technically, yes. 

JANA: And this guy Shake is like, basically trying to get to know the girl's body types. I'm trying to think of how he went about this. He was like, I love buying clothes for girls. What's your clothing size

ELAINE: Okay, number one, why are you buying clothes for girls? 

JANA: Yeah. 

ELAINE: Who asked you? 

JANA: Later, the woman he ends up getting engaged to, he's like, yeah, when you go to a music festival, do you like being on a guy's shoulders? And she's like, yeah, I guess. And he's like, so would I have a hard time doing that? Like picking you up? 

ELAINE: Horrible. I'm surprised they still got engaged. 

JANA: By the way, in both seasons, only two out of six-ish final couples actually got married and are still together. Two couples from each season. Is it the same in the Japan version where they have to get engaged before they can meet? 


JANA: Damn. Okay. That's really intense to me. I would want to go on Love Is Bllind for the pod part. That's the part that I feel like I would genuinely crush. 

ELAINE: What do you mean crush? Like, how do you crush it, honestly? 

JANA: Well, the way I'm thinking about it, I'm not even thinking, like, everyone would love me. I'm more thinking that I would be good reality TV in the pods. Like, I would be, like, a good personality to have in the pods

ELAINE: Like, producers would be like, oh my God, put Jana into these pods

JANA: In terms of production, I would crush–  not necessarily falling in love, but I don't know if I could make it past, like, getting engaged. I don't know if I could get engaged in the pod. I don't know if I could do it.

ELAINE:  Yeah. How can you say yes? The stakes are so high. I don't even know if this is real. Number one…

JANA: You don’t even win anything, I don't think.

ELAINE:  Right. You don't win, but you win love. 

JANA: Maybe if you don't meet their parents and they hate you, or you find out something that is, like, a huge ideological difference you have where your relationship just can't work. 

ELAINE: Yeah. Like that girl who was like, I'm not going to be a housewife for you. I told you I was an architect. Like, hello. 

JANA: There is this one couple in the American version who they find out tha… t this is before they get engaged–  they find out that the girl is super religious, doesn't believe in evolution. The guy is an atheist, and he's like, we can work it out. We can figure it out. Why would I give up this amazing relationship for that one thing? That one thing that is a huge…

ELAINE: So you're willing to give up all the principles that you've kind of created over your lifetime for someone just to make this relationship work with someone you don't– you can't even see? 

JANA: Yeah, like, I wouldn't even do that with, like, in normal life, let alone getting engaged to someone who I've known for ten days and have never been faced with. 

ELAINE: I forgot that it's only ten days. 

JANA: I know. Is that crazy? 

ELAINE: Same with Singles Inferno. It was only, I think, a week. 

JANA: I was just in Arizona for ten days, and now I'm like, could I–

ELAINE: Are you in love? 

JANA: Maybe the other theory is that since you can't see each other, the experience is really heightened, and maybe, like, the emotions are really heightened, but I don't know. 

ELAINE: A lot of the stuff that the guys do... I can't believe that the girls didn't get the Ick. 

JANA: Yeah. Okay. In the second section of the show, couples who have decided to get engaged, get flown out to a gorgeous tropical location where they get to stay at a resort, and then this is the first time they actually get alone time with each other and they get to have sex. Sex is, like, a big part of the American version…

ELAINE: Not a big part in the Japanese version. I don't think they even talk about it. 

JANA: Really? Oh, my gosh. So many contestants, when they're in the pods, they're like, yeah, I like to have sex, like, five times a day.

ELAINE:  Wow. 

JANA: They really like to set that before they even go in. And then sometimes in this kind of honeymoon phase, the sex will not be good. And that will be, like, kind of an issue in the relationship, too. 

ELAINE: Even in the honeymoon phase. 

JANA: Yeah, it's definitely a big part of the American version, I would say. 


JANA: The resort section, I would say, is probably my favorite part because it's really dramatic and juicy, and it can get really messy because they get to see the other couples for the first time. Like, see the couples together. 

ELAINE: Turnin’ heads. 

JANA: Turnin’ heads. Yes. That's kind of where shit goes down. If there's anyone you still have any curiosity about and you don't like the person they're with now, that is their chance to fuck shit up. 

ELAINE: The Japanese version… it's not like that at all. I feel like they're very committed to the other person and they're very respectful of the other couples. 

JANA: Okay, that sounds lovely.

ELAINE: Because I felt like the female friendships in Love is Blind was almost like, a bigger thing that I stayed for. 

JANA: Really? That sounds wonderful. I feel like in the American version, girls that are thrown together are just kind of, like, not people who would be friends in real life. Yeah. So that's interesting. This is just a vibe I got. I don't know. 

ELAINE: It was very emotional for a lot of the girls. Like, the girls were crying all the time, or the guys had great chemistry. They all were such lads. They had such good banter. Yeah, really good. I felt like the friendships were sometimes stronger than the relationships. 

JANA: That's so interesting. I think I should go on. Love is Blind Japan. But I don't speak Japanese. I'll figure it out. Right.

ELAINE: But in Terrace House, Lauren Tsai learned Japanese. She's not Japanese at all. 

JANA: Okay, fine. You mentioned the “ick” earlier, and I have to bring up this TikTok I saw. 

ELAINE: The ick. 

JANA: The ick. So basically there's this part where one of the guys on the show is just, like, sitting there with his fiance, and, like, an umbrella falls on his head, and this girl on TikTok was like, I'm sorry, but that gave me the ick. 

ELAINE: That does give me…  it's like, okay. I think the ick factor comes from people being clumsy. 

JANA: Yeah. I don't know. It depends. Well, okay, yeah. Another example would be the same guy. There's the part where he's wearing water shoes and he's carrying–

ELAINE: What's wrong with water shoes? 

JANA: Let me finish. He's carrying his fiance, and he trips and eats shit and drops her in the sand. If someone dropped me wearing water shoes running into the ocean, I don't think I could come back from it. I think that it would last forever. 

ELAINE: I think if it's in the very beginning of your relationship, the ick is very important.

JANA: Because once you love them, you can get over things. But in the early stages, it can be life or death for the relationship. 

ELAINE: Do you think “ick” is a straight men type of thing, or do you think it's like…

JANA: I only get the ick from men… personally? I think so far. 

ELAINE: So far. Knock on wood. 

JANA: Knock on wood. What were you going to say? What gives you the ick? 

ELAINE: I don't know. When this one guy–

JANA: Okay, I'm excited.

ELAINE:  I'll just say that he said something racist while he was really drunk, and I didn't like it that time. We're still, like in the really… I was just getting to know each other, and I thought I liked him, but he said something extremely racist and that ick lasted forever. I couldn't even look at him after that. 

JANA: Okay, to me, that's not an ick. You found out what kind of person he was. 

ELAINE: Yeah. 

JANA: To me, an ick is like small and petty. Like, one of my icks is no show socks. 

ELAINE: No show? What does that mean? 

JANA: Like, you know those socks where it's like you know when you wear, like, loafers? I know when you see someone but in no show socks. One of my friends says when a guy is trying to get the waiter's attention and he can't, that's an ick for sure. 

ELAINE: What's an ick for you guys, listeners?

JANA: Yes. Comment your icks down below. What are mine?

ELAINE: Okay, these are only for men so far. 

JANA:  Well, okay, I think I was going to say, like when someone plays the guitar at you and sings at you, and I've never had a girl do that, but I don't think I would like it. 

ELAINE: But why? It's kind of romantic. 

JANA: See, it's not for me. Men love to do that. It's not it for me. 

ELAINE: Why is that not it for you? If Jason Mraz came down to San Francisco and said to you, Jana, I'm going to serenade you right now…

JANA: My skin is crawling. It's like when guys, when they don't, like, buy new underwear and it's just raggedy. Oh, no, not good. To me, icks are petty. Like, to me, that's petty of me to think that a man showing off musical talent is a turn off… Anyways. Back to Love Is Blind. After their whole vacation moment, the engaged couples move into apartments together. They meet each other's families. And then if the relationship is still going well, then we move on to the weddings. I love this part because at the altar, each participant basically decides whether to say I do or I don't. And so once you get to that…

ELAINE: We didn't have that. 

JANA: Really?

ELAINE: Yeah. There was one couple that was just like, I don't want to walk down the aisle and say I don't. So they do it before. Yeah, I think it's still an option. But they don't want to go through that process of their family, like sitting there and then they say, I don't. 

JANA: Maybe it is still an option for them to pull out. But most of the couples who have gotten to the point of having planned the wedding, they will say I don't at the altar, rather than… 

ELAINE:  Why would you do that? 

JANA: I don't know. That's the part where I'm like, maybe I would like to get to the wedding stage because that is so psycho and dramatic and I love it.

ELAINE: That is so psycho. Can you imagine you invest…

JANA:  I can imagine me in a wedding dress. 

ELAINE: You're wearing white today. 

JANA: I've learned so much from you over the course of this experience and I will never forget the time we've spent together. But I don't. 

ELAINE: That's kind of good. 

JANA: I'll work on it. 

ELAINE: That's good material. 

JANA: I'll workshop it in case they ever make Bi Love is Blind. 

ELAINE: They should. Anyways. 

JANA: The way that they set up a wedding episode. You honestly don't know if they're going to say yes or no. Like, for example, there was this one couple where they had a really bad fight the night before the wedding and we didn't see the fight. And so up until that point, we thought that for sure, they're both going to say yes. And then something happened off screen right before. So you just never know how it's going to unfold. And then another thing that's interesting is if the first person says no, you never know what the second person was going to say. 

ELAINE: Stakes are even higher. 

JANA: So high. So high. Your whole family is there. A couple I touched on briefly before–  Shake and Deepti. She honestly had the best arc of the whole season because the whole time you thought she seemed pretty happy, but he was an asshole. And you thought that she didn't know that he was an asshole and he just couldn't stop talking to the other guys about how he wasn't attracted to her physically behind her back all the time. 

ELAINE: That's awful. 

JANA: I know, it's horrible. She's going to watch the show. You really think that you can say that kind of stuff and she's not going to see it eventually and then still be married to this person? So at the altar he said yes and then she said no. And she said, I deserve better. I'm choosing myself and I deserve someone who will know 100% that I'm the one for them and will have no doubt about it


JANA: Gorgeous. It was so satisfying. I feel like it's rare to have a moment in reality TV that is *that* satisfying. It was just like…

ELAINE: What was his reaction? 

JANA: I wrote down this quote. He said, I have reservations at Nobu on Sunday, so things are going to be good.

ELAINE:  I hate that. 

JANA: That's like, the first thing he said in his confessional after, I hate that so much. 

ELAINE: Why would you say that? 

JANA: I know. And then also, the same guy, Shake, in the reunion, he was like, the only girl I'm attracted to in here is Vanessa, aka the host of the show, who is married. 

ELAINE: Oh, Lord, Lord. This guy is a piece of work. 

JANA: Piece of work is the perfect way to put him. 

ELAINE: But these are the best type of people to have on reality TV. You can't just have nice people, right? 

JANA: Yeah. You have to have a villain. 

ELAINE: You have to have a villain. Otherwise, it won't be satisfying for Deepti to be like, hey, it's about me now

JANA: I see through your shit, and I know what a catch I am, and I pick myself. 

JANA: Exactly. 

ELAINE: So we have a caller. Yes. This is when someone from the Bobblehaus community gets in on the conversation and tells us something they're obsessed with. So today is my friend Andrew.

ANDREW: Hi, Obsessed pod. Jana and Elaine. My name is Andrew, and I am obsessed with the TV show The Challenge. I have been watching The Challenge for about a decade now, which is insane considering I started on Season 25, I think. And it's this crazy show where they compete to show off their strength, how smart they are, how quick they are, and they put them in this house where they just fight and argue. And as a gay man, I just think it's really silly to watch these straight men show how toxic they can be and how crazy they are on TV. And honestly, it doesn't hurt that some of them are kind of hot, which is kind of gross to say, because they are so gross. But it's really fun to watch. And me and my friends will just sit around for hours watching the show and just… it's so crazy. And my man Johnny Bananas is on the show, and if he's not on the season, I'll skim through it. But if he's on it, I will watch it over and over, because I just love him. He is the love of my life, and it's a great show. It's crazy, it's wild, it's easy to watch. And I'm obsessed with the challenge. 

ELAINE: Okay. I'm obsessed with you, Andrew. 

JANA: Have you seen The Challenge? 

ELAINE: I have not seen The Challenge, but to me it sounds a bit like Big Brother-y. Gross.

JANA: There's a lot of contestants from Big Brother that go on to The Challenge. Like a lot of other shows feed into The Challenge. That's really interesting. It's like Big Brother, Survivor from other countries too. 

ELAINE: What is it called? The Universe. 

JANA: The Challenge cinematic Universe. Yes. But yeah, like he was saying, there's a lot of toxic straight men on there, but I will say there's a lot of gay women on it too. I feel like the cast is so casually queer, which is hard to find on reality TV. There  was one couple. Their names are Kaycee and Nany. And Nany has been on for a really long time, and she's always dating the worst guys or, like, hooking up with the worst guys. She's just had terrible taste in men. Like, clearly is, like, sabotaging herself all the time. And now she's in a relationship with a woman and it feels so… and also, this woman, Kaycee, is amazing. She has won, I think, more than one season, and she hasn't been doing it for very long. But it just seems like such a healthy, loving relationship that she's finally in a good relationship after…

ELAINE: We stan.

JANA:  We do stan. I love them so much. Now let's wrap things up with our one and only segment crush corner. Elaine, who are you crushing on? 

ELAINE: My crush is Charlie Puth, because recently…  okay, two things. Number one, he's in… I think he has a new song coming out with Jungkook from BTS. 

JANA: Yes, it's out. It's so cute. 

ELAINE: Is it really cute? He's Number two, I started getting really into yesterday, actually. Durmoir. Oh, yeah. I was just scrolling all day. Yeah. And there was this one submission of this girl that said, oh, my God, just bumped into Charlie Puth. He is so hot. He's in his life. This is his era. And then I went on his Instagram, and it is… he is so beautiful right now. I don't know why. Maybe it's the Jungkook energy thing. 

JANA: Yeah. Yeah. 

ELAINE: So that's my crash right now. 

JANA: Love it. Go off.

ELAINE: What about you?

JANA: I just decided just now my crush is going to be the combined couple of Kaycee and Nany from The Challenge. I love them. I love them. I want them to be together forever. 

ELAINE: That's all, everyone, for this episode. Yes, thank you so much for listening. And we will talk to you later. Pretty soon. Thank you. Bye. 

JANA: Thank you. We're obsessed with you.