No. 6
Article by:
KJ Kuang

The fact of the matter is, corduroy is back. And better yet, it’s no longer limited to geriatric elbow patches or ill-fitting trousers. A veteran textile from the 70s with a 1982 reprisal via Gianna Versace, today’s corduroy has found new alliances with all types of brands and designers, from Gucci to Supreme.

Sies Marjan

Since Sander Lak debuted Sies Marjan in Fall 2016, he hasn’t disappointed his audience even once. The NY-based designer showcased his first menswear collection during Spring 2019 in Paris, demonstrating his mastery of chromatic colors and nuanced textures. Sies Marjan has an elegant, wearable, and exclusive men collection that won’t be found anywhere else, and features fluid corduroy pieces in navy, pink, black, and yellow palettes for a polished yet bold look. Basic white shoes complement this soft fabric and clean cropped cuts; Sies Marjan’s silhouettes are also known for their signature oversized fit and luminosity. 

Acne Studios Corduroy Suit

Corduroy’s flexibility allows for its construction into virtually any type of clothing. Acne Studios interpreted this versatility as a classic tailored suit jacket in a dusty green dye that further illuminates corduroy’s texture. This signature hue delivers a vintage, yet luxurious vibe. Wide lapels and padded shoulders neutralize the soft texture of the fabric, while the cut complements the funky color. A true product of Acne Studios' relaxed style, the slightly oversized fit is the corduroy piece you won’t want to live without. 

JW Anderson X Uniqlo 

This new collaboration between London-based JW Anderson and Uniqlo officially launched on October 17, marking the second collaboration between the Japanese apparel guru and Jonathan Anderson after their phenomenal collaboration back in July of 2017. This super-wearable collection combines the signature modern silhouettes of Uniqlo with the traditional sensibilities of British style. Chic, minimalistic design, met with easy, well-fitted, high-quality execution highlights the clear chemistry in this joint effort. The best-seller of this collection is the corduroy relaxed drawstring pant. Available in three dark ground-tone colors at an affordable price point, these trousers make a strong case for permanent residence in your wardrobe. 


Piet Mondrian’s composition might be too often referred to on other products, but it might be the first time that Converse and OFFSPRING incorporated this iconic grid pattern into a pair of shoes. This particular pair of iconic converse Chuck 70 features an everlasting patchwork of trendy hues and distinctive corduroy fabric. A carefully chosen color palette blends perfectly with the signature all-star embroidery. An outsole with matching colors exhausts another low-key exciting moment. This collection is sold exclusively on OFFSPRING; however, other regular corduroy designs can be found at Converse in-store and online. 

Supreme Camp Cap

If you’re a Supreme fan, a Supreme Corduroy Camp cap is a no brainer. The game-changer here isn’t the wearable design or even the viral Supreme red box logo, but the corduroy fabric. This multi-dimensional design almost effortlessly overpowers the otherwise standout box logo. Supreme has released varied colors of this hat since 2016, including brown, bright blue, black and pink. Just when we thought the collection couldn’t get any better, two new camo choices were just added to the collection.