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Classified as sustainable, genderless; retail and creative space built by and for our communities.


Capable of being wounded or hurt

Meet the founders

Ophelia Chen
Abi Lierheimer

We're Ophelia Chen and Abi Lierheimer, the two Chinese-Americans behind BOBBLEHAUS.

BOBBLEHAUS is the regenerative, genderless fashion multiverse + retailer that offers limited-edition clothing & lifestyle products ~ using only deadstock and recycled fabrics. We bridge East and West youth culture, and are dedicated to expressing our inner absurdities.

BOBBLEHAUS is a celebration of stories, communities, and authenticities, through love, words, and design. Bobblehaus Gallery was founded in 2022 alongside the opening of our flagship in Lower Manhattan. Feel free to come say hi @ 180 Orchard St :)

LOVE, Ophelia & Abi 💖



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  • Alina Lam,
  • Andrea Panaligan,
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